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Further Evidence of the Relationship Between 126 Charles Robertson and 12 Israel Roberson

Will for 128 George Roberson
Granville County, North Carolina, Unrecorded Will 52

Geo Robersons Will, Novr 1761, Recorded
August the 22 day 1761

In the Name of God amen I GEORGE ROBERSON / being very sick and weak but in perfect Sense and memory doe give my Estate as followeth / I give and Bequeath unto my mother SARAH ROBERSON / During her Life my Neagro woman named Doll and after hir Decease to my brother CHARLESS son JULUS ROBERSON / I Bequeath unto my Sister SUSANNAH KEINDRICK Son / JOHN KEINDRICK my Neagro gall named Frank / I give and Bequeath unto my Borther [sic] CHARLESS son JULUS ROBERSON / all the Lande that I hold in the fork of the Creek / from midway between my Corn field and John Popes / I give and Bequeath unto my brother DAVIDS son MATHEW ROBERSON / my old plantation and all the Land I hold on the Loar side / of the mill Creek I give and Bequeath unto my Brother / MATHEWS son GEORGE ROBERSON my mill and plantation and / land where I am now Living on in Granvell County / I give and bequeath unto unto [sic] my brother NICHOLASS son CHARLES ROBERSON / half the Cattel I have and my Brother CHARLESS son JULUS ROBERSON / the other half I give and Bequeath unto my Sester / SUSANNAH KEINDRICK my gray horse I give and bequeath unto my / brother ISRAELS son JOEL ROBERSON one feather bed & to my / brother ISRAELS Daughter SARAH ROBERSON one feather bed / I leave my Bother [sic] MATHEW ROBERSON and James Keindrick Exctrs of this my Will

Test                                                                George Roberson
David King
Jesse Miller Jurat

                                                                      Granville County November Court 1761
This Will was proved by the Oaths of David King & Jesse Miller / Subscribing Witnesses thereto & on Motion it was Ordered to be Certified / then MATHEW ROBERSON & James Kendrick the executors therein named / Qualified as such.

                                                                       Teste Danl. Weldon CC.

Source: North Carolina County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (Granville County),
Loose Wills, 1749-1771, FHL microfilm 306193 / Item 2.

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Will for 124 David Robertson
North Carolina State Archives Will No. 094.901.1

In the Name of God Amen. I David Robertson of Tryon County / in the Province of North Carolina considering the uncertainty / of this Mortal State At the same time being of perfect under / =standing and Sound Memory thanks therefore to Almighty / God Do this Eigth Day of July Anno Domini one thousand / Seven Hundred & Seventy One, make and publish this my / last Will and Testament in manner and form follow= / ing that is to say Imprimis I resign my Soul to God / that Gave it and my body to be Buried in a Christian / like and Decent manner after the discretion of my Exr. / and as touching my worldly Estate wherewith it hath / pleased God to bless me in this life I devise and / dispose of the Same in the following manner Viz, / I Give to my well beloved Wife Frances Robertson / during the time of her life or widowhood four hun= / dred acres of Land lying in the county abovesaid mentioned / [that] being the Land whereon I now live on Also One / Negro Boy Named George together with all my / Horses Cattle Hogs, Bed and all other Household / Goods not to be wasted or Empezled And my / Will and desire is that after the Death or Marriage / of my well beloved wife Frances Robertson that all / my Estate principle and and [sic] personal be Sold / and Equally Divided among my well beloved / Children Matthew Robertson, Molly Robertson, / Israel Robertson, Isaac Robertson, Isham Robertson, / James Robertson, David Robertson, Abner Robertson, / Sally Robertson, John Robertson, and Betty Robert / son and as touching the Estate of my Brother / Charles Robertson that I have obtained by Executi / =on, I Give to George Robertson the Youngest of my / Brother Charles that is to say after the said Estate / pays to my wife Seventy pounds Virginia Money / and discharges the Execution and Attachment / that /

f. 2

that I stand Bound for my Brother Charles / Robertson, then the remainder to return into the / hands of the said George Robertson the youngest / son of my Brother Charles Robertson and if he / should Die I give the same to the next Young / est Brother of his to him and his heirs And / my Will and Desire is that such Estate remain / in the hands of my Brother Charles Robeson [sic] till / such Son Comes of Age. And I do acknowledge / this to be my last will and Testament Con / firming this and no other to be my last / Will and Testament And I Constitute ord and / appoint and ordain Irby Dewberry Frances [sic] / Robertson my well beloved Wife and William / Marchbanks my whole & Sole Executors of this / my last Will and Testament.

Vardry McBee                                                   David Robertson
Adam (his v mark) Burchfield
Matthew (his T mark) Robertson
William Arvin
North Carolina}to witOctober Court A D 1771
Tryon County } This is to Certify that the within Will was / proved in Open Court by the Oath of Vardry / Magby and Recorded in the Clerks office / according to law

signed                                                                 Erek Polk CC

Source: North Carolina County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (Tryon County), Wills, 1765-1779, FHL microfilm 18678/Item 1; also at North Carolina State Archives Will Number 094.901.1.

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