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Draper Manuscript 6XX65
[12216] Dr. Felix Robertson

Nashville, April 6th, 1855.

My Dear Sir:

My sister Bosley says I was mistaken in her statement about the baptizings. It was herself and two brothers older than her self, that she was an infant & of course remembers nothing about it, but has heard her mother relate it so frequently that she has no doubt of it.

Those three, [Daniel] Boone, his wife & seven children were baptized at the same time by a traveling Episcopalian clergyman, but she cannot recollect his name. It is her opinion that Boone lived near my father, but in this I think she is mistaken, for I recollect of hearing my mother say that Boone was in the habit of stopping with them several days on his trips to and from Kentucky.

She thinks Jonathan was born in N. Carolina but is not certain.

I think in one of my letters I informed you the date of Thos. Heaton's death in Arkansas. His wife died twelve months previously here.

I cannot state the precise time of the death of Thos. Hickman but I think some one of my previous letters to you states nearly the time.

Mrs. Donelson died in 1849, Matlock I think near that time.

George Mayfield died in Mississippi 25 March 1848.

I think Sackfield Maclin died about 1800 but I am not certain. He did not marry. I send you papers containing the recollections of his nephew Mr. Maclin Cross.

John Honeycut died near Natchez, but when I cannot ascertain. My sister Bosley says he was a man of good character & generally esteemed, but her judgment must be formed from hearing others speak of him.

The Spanish trader who interceded with the Indians in favour of my father is not recollected.

Mark Robertson and Edward Swanson were the two persons who accompanied my father in that Illinois trip.

I send you Lewis Joslin's meager account, if I had thought of it I have no doubt that John Davis could have given a much fuller & more reliable one on the subject, but he died about a year since.

I have found my father's family Bible with the dates of his, his wife's & children's births, but it does not name the place of birth.

James Robertson was born June 28th 1742.
Charlotte Reeves Robertson do Jany 2nd 1751.
Jonathan Friar Robertson do June 13, 1769.
James Randolph Robertson do Decr. 11th 1771.
Delilah Robertson do Novr. 30, 1773.
Peyton Henderson Novr. 22, 1775. Charlotte July 11, 1778.
Felix Jany 11th 1781. Charlotte 2nd March 11, 1783.
Wm. Blount June 15th 1785. Peyton 2nd Decr. 3, 1787.
Lavinia Feby. 23, 1790. Jno. McNairy April 26, 1792.

Yours Sincerely,


Source: William Curry Harlee, Kinfolks: A Genealogical and Biographical Record, 3 vols. (New Orleans: Searcy & Pfaff, 1935-37), 3: 2513-2514.

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