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The Testament Dative of John Robertson
the Younger of G[u]ay

John Robertson. The Testament Dative & Inventory of the Goods & Gear / which pertained & belonged to Umq[uhi]le John Robertson yo[unge]r. Of Gay / the time of his demise is which was in the month of febr[uary] last Truly made / & Given up by Janet Cameron Relict of the said Defunct Exe[cut]rix Dative / qua Cre[de]vux Decerned to him for herself & behoof of John & Elspeth / Rob[ert]son their Children by the Co[mmi]ssary of Dunkeld upon the Day & Date of / these p[rese]nts & thest in Corroboration of an Contract of marriage dated 14th / July 1711 years Entered into & past behovix this said Umq[uhi]le John Rob[ert]son / & her whereby the said Defunct Bound & obliged him to have in readiness / of his own proper means & sit[u]at[ion] the sum / of five Hundred marks Scots aft[er] Mar[ch] 1716 years making in whole / one Thousand marks & to ware & bestow the same with the one thousand / marks of Tother upinmen.le pay[ab]le at the sa[me] Terms on Land for pr[es]ent / or to take the same secured in Responsabl[e] men hands to himself & / the said Janet Cameron his Spouse in Conjuct & pr[es]ent / & to the Bairns of the marriage in [o]ffice and In pay[ment] to her of these / Liferent presents to & also of an [a]ffurnished Bed & shelt[er] an / Dozen of sheep In which she stands provided In the Event of the s[ai]d / John Rob[ert]sons predeceasing her by said Contract of marriage & / Prepay[men]t to her for Behoof [a]for[e]said for the [o]ff[i]ce of the said Two thousand / marks provided to them and of the [o]ffices of the Conquest lito prin[cipal] / Situate to them and Lastly of the Expences of this present / Confirmation as the Decreet Dative of allowing on and it duely / Execute & Indorst in itself more fully bears

Impr[imps] There is Given up pertaining and belonging to the said Defunct the / & the [a]for[e]said of his Decease the Increase of fourteen Boles lowinglatt / fifteen pound & Bolt inde Two Hundred & Ten pound It[em]: a Cow & two / Stires at Thirty pound It[em]: twelve Sheep young & old & five Lambs / at Twenty four pound It[em]: four old Horses at Sixty pound It[em]: the house: / =hold furniture & Labouring Instruments at Seventy Two pound all / Scots money

                                                                    Summa Inventary u[-] E & cvi

This Test[amen]t was Confirmed at Dunkeld the Twelfth day of aprile / Jajvii & fourty Eight years by James Bisset Commissary and / James Douglas in [----] for the Exec[utr]ix & the / Bound for his Relief

Source: National Archives of Scotland Reference No. CC7/6/5, page 50. A high-quality image of this document may be downloaded for a fee from, a function of the Scottish government.

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