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The Testament Dative of John Robertson
the Elder of G[u]ay

John Robertson. The Testament Dative & Inventory / of the goods & gear which pertained & belonged to the Deceased / John Robertson Sometime Wadsetter of Gay the time of his / Decease which was in the month of Jajvii C & fourty / nine years Law[ful]ly made & given up by Jean Cameron lawfull / Daughter procreat belevix the Deceast Patrick Cameron / in Craigsilloch and the al[lernately] / o[f] Deceast Ann Hay his Spouse / Donald Tause Sometime in Kindallinbach now in Craigievar / Christian Young in Dunkeld only lawfull Daughter of the / George Young late in Ackagowan and Janet Cameron / Relict of & Exe[cuto]r Dative Decerned to umq[uhi]le John Robertson / Eldest lawfull Son to the Said Deceast John Robertson of Gay / Conjoint Ex[ecu]tors Dative qu[h]a Creditors decerned to the said Umq[uhi]le / mo Loco to the said John Robertson Elder of Gay by the Commissary of Dunkeld / upon the Day & Date of these presents and an payment / mo Loco to the said Jean Cameron of the Expences of these presents / Confirmation the Same being paid only by her & in payment / to her & the other Conjoined Creditors 2.00 Loco of purchasse as / follows viz The said Jean Cameron of one hundred Marks / prin[cip]le. with an years Pr[ese]nt thereof due at Whitsunday Jajvii / & fourty nine Contain?d in the Defuncts accepted bill to the / said Ann Hay dated the tenth day of December Jajvii & fourty / one payable at Martinmas Hereafter and to which the said / Jean Cameron has right as Exe[cuto]r Dative qua Credevux in ken / Decerned & Confirmed to her said Mother Conform to the / Confirm?d in the Inventory thereof the said Sums is / Given up dated the twenty sixth day of July last In / payment to the said Donald Tause of the Eke Sum / of one hundred marks money [a]for[e]said with the Pr[ese]nts / due Hereon Contained in a bond Granted by the Defunct

f. 2

Defunct dated the nineteenth day of June Jajvii & Twenty / nine years payable at Martinmas hereafter to the said / Donald Tause he being in life and failling of him by Decease / to his Son unnamed his heirs & aforegones in pay[men]t to the / said Christian Young of fifty marks money [a]for[e]said prin[cip]le / with an years Pr[ese]nt thereof due by the Defuncts bond & other / dated the ninth day of November Jajvii & thirty years / payable at Martinmas Jajvii & thirty one years and / in payment to the said Janet Cameron for her fell & behoof / of John & Elspeth Robertsons her Children of the sum / of one hundred marks money as written contained in the / Defuncts bond to the said John Robertson his Eldest lawfull Son dated the tenth day of November Jajvii & / Eleven years payable at Whitsunday Jajvii & twelve / and of the Prent thereof resting unpaid and to / which the said Janet Cameron has right as Exe[cut]rix Cudevux / Decerned & Confirmed to him for her fell & behoof of her forsaid / children by the said Commissary and given up in the Eik / to her Confirmed Testament & dated the first Current as the / Decree Dative following on an Edict duly Execute & Jordest & / in itself more fully bears

Impr[emi]s. There is Given up pertaining & belonging / to the said Defunct the same [a]for[e]said of his Decease the goods / & gear aftermentioned which was Exposed to publick roup in presence / of the Commisary Depute of said & bought at the / rates afterment[ioned] by the persons afterspecified Conform to roup role / by Helen Robertson the Sheep at fifty five pounds It[em]: by Patrick / McLaren a Cow & a Calf at Twenty pounds It[em] by Alexander Stewart / in Findynat a Cow & a Calf at Twenty two pound two Shillings / It[em] by Alexander Tause in Cragievar two Queys at Twenty one / pound ten Shilling It[em]: by Elspeth McGlashan in Gay nineteen marks / Six Shilling Eight pennies for a Quey It[em]: by Alexander Robertson / in Gay a bull at Twelve pounds Six Shilling Eight pennies / It[em]: by Donald Stewart Servant to the Duke of Athole Two / Surys & a Stott at Thirty pound thirteen Shilling four / pennies It[em]: by John Robertson in Auchnabaich a horse at / fourty pounds Scots It[em]: by Helen Robertson in Riemore a Mare / & foall at fourteen pounds Scots It[em]: by John Robertson in / Auchnabaich Two mares & fole at twenty pounds Scots It[em] / by James Cameron in Dowally & John Stewart 1 heere at Six pound / four boll with the Straw they being on their own Charge to Shear / winn & lead & Shaleh the Same to be Cashn before Candlemass / amounting to twenty bolls inde one hundred & twenty pounds / It[em] by James Maklen in Gay a slaughter spade one pound one / Shilling It[em]: by James Bish in Thelmorick a large goantule at / nine pounds It[em] by Donald Tause of Riemore at three pound / twelve shilling It[em] by John McEnroy in Balladmond a Chest at / Six pound It[em] By John Robertson in Auchnabaich a Cart at Eight / Marks three Shilling four pennies It[em] by Ditto a pott at Six pound Eight / Shilling It[em]: by John McFarlaine a pott at two pound nine Shilling / It[em] by Alexander Robertson a little Chest at four pound one Shilling

f. 3

Shilling It[em] another Chest at three pound It[em]: by James Cameron a / Tub at two pound Eleven Shilling It[em]: by Thomas McLaren two old / Tubs at one pound Eighteen Shilling It[em]: by John Robertson three chairs / at one pound Sixteen Shilling It[em] By James Camron a handy at Six / Shilling Item by Alexander Robertson a pair of Baxes & Speet It[em] by John Stewart a basen at two pound four shilling It[em] by Helen / Robertson an old feather bed at Six pound Eight Shilling It[em]: by Donald / Tause a very old bed at four pound fourteen Shilling Item by Helen / Robertson a bed at nine pound fourteen Shilling It[em]: by John / Frazer a Blanket at three pound twelve Shilling It[em]: by James / Cameron two pair Do at five pound eleven Shilling It[em] by John / Maccule a Candlestick at one pound five Shilling It[em] by Donald / Tause another at one pound four Shilling It[em] by Alex[ande]r Robertson / two bed Steads at three pound It[em]: by Ditto an Ambry at one pound / Six Shilling It[em]: By Helen Robertson lint at three pound fifteen / Shilling It[em] by Alexander Robertson a pan at seventeen / Shilling It[em]: by John Maccule a Cow at twenty three pound / twelve Shilling It[em] by James Bisset a Chack[-]eele at Sixteen / Shilling It[em]: By Alexander Robertson a pann at one pound five / Shilling

                                                                    Summa Inventary

This Testament was Confirmed at Dunkeld the Second day of / August Jajvii C & fifty by James Bisset Commissary and / James Cameron in expectation of [----] became Cautioner for / the Ex[ecu]t[o]rs & they bound for their selves

Source: National Archives of Scotland Reference No. CC7/6/5, pages 180-182. A high-quality image of this document may be downloaded for a fee from, a function of the Scottish government.

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