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Eik to the Testament Dative of
John Robertson the Elder of G[u]ay

Eik to the Testa[men]t of / Umq[uhi]le John Robertson / James Bisset of Glenelbert Commissary of / Dunkeld having power of Confirmation of Testaments / by this the bounds of my Jurisdiction Ratify approve & Confirm the / Sum of one hundred marks Scots Money Contained in a bond / Granted by the Deceast John Robertson Sometimes Wadsetter of Gay to Umq[uhi]le John Robertson younger of Gay his Eldest lawfull son / Dated the tenth day of November Jajviii & Eleven years pay[able] a[t] / Whitsunday Jajvii & twelve years Item the Pre[se]nt thereof / since the [a]for[e]said Term of payment and which sum of money / principate & pre[se]nts thereof were omitted out of the said Umq[uhi]le / John Robertson younger his prin[cip]le Confirmed Testament & in / Janet Cameron his relict for herself & behoof of John & Elspeth / Robertsons their Children was Decerned Exe[cu]tor to him upon the / Eighteen day of Aprill Jajviii & fourty Eight years and which is / now Come to her knowledge and are hereafter Added & Eiked to the / prin[cip]le Confirmed Testament by me in terms of a protestation / in the End thereof and I hereby Confirm the said Janet Cameron / Exe[cut]rix Dative qua Credevux to the said Umq[uhi]le John Robertson / her husband and to the sum of money prin[cip]le & Pre[sen]ts thereof above Eiked with full power to her to meddle & Intromelt gr[anted] with / a [----] Crave uplift & receive the same & if need bees to Call fallow / purpose therefor and generally Every other thing and is charge of / the said office that by law is incumbent in the like Cases and / the said Exe[cut]rix having made faith upon the s[ai]d Inventory aboveEiked / has found James Cameron in Newtown of Rothmell Cautioner / and that the same shall be made forthcoming to all parties / having Interest as an act made thereanent bears In testimony / gr[anted] of [----] this presents Subscribed by the Clerk of Court My Seall / of Office is Affixed at Dunkeld the first day of August Jajvii C / & fifty years

This Eik was Exped at Dunkeld the first day of August Jajvii / & fifty and James Cameron in Newtown of Rothmell becomes / Cau[tione]r for the Exe[cut]rix & She bound for his relief

Source: National Archives of Scotland Reference No. CC7/6/5, page 179. A high-quality image of this document may be downloaded for a fee from, a function of the Scottish government.

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